Anita Giovannini

Anita Luna THE DIVA – Trailer

The Trailer of my One Woman Show “Anita Luna THE DIVA”. 

“Anita Luna The Diva” is the true life story of Anita Luna – The Ultimate Diva. This voyage from her birth to death uncovers her transformation from a vulnerable tomboy who everyone made fun of because of her manly features to becoming the greatest Diva of all time. From cocoon to butterfly, step by step we see her pass each through this metamorphosis.
The story is about her inner conflicts, her fight to fit in and even not to, trapped in a world of stereotypes. And in choosing to be different, her search to find her place, physically and emotionally, as an artist and as a woman, in this world. And in Anita Giovannini creating the alter-ego, Anita Luna, the Divine Feminine, she saves herself, maintaining her authenticity and in turn, hopes to encourage others to embrace one’s spiritual concoction of being both divine and human. It’s a panorama with the audience; the stage is her dressing room, there is no fourth wall.
Anita Luna shares her vulnerability with irony on stage, baring her emotions and soul. At the same time, Anita Giovannini experiences living day-by-day, the joy of being herself, being different.
Like life, every show is different and unique – Anita Luna interacts and bonds with the audience.
A one-woman show that’s a unique mix of theatre, clown, aerial acrobatics, dance, singing, tragedy and comedy creating an explosive combination of laughter and tears.

Starring Anita Giovannini.
Direction Jango Edwards

Video: Gianluca Caprara



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